Roland School is located in the village of Roland, home of 4-H, and the Giant Pumpkin! We have 70 students registered at Roland School, with a staff of 15!

It is our wish at Roland Elementary school to see our students develop emotionally, socially, morally, physically, and intellectually. We believe in helping our students to develop their social consciences to reflect respect for themselves, others, and the environment. In our school, we use a process that leads to self-discipline and restitution.

All teachers at Roland School have a plan of action in meeting the individual numeracy, literacy, and physical literacy needs of each student.  The teachers are working tirelessly to tailor instruction for students:  enrichment opportunities, intervention blocks, home Literacy Kits, a regular co-teaching schedule with the divisional Literacy Leader.  Each staff member at Roland School is committed to meeting the needs of each student and within this positive and supportive learning community students who strive will be students who thrive!

Roland School boasts a variety of opportunities for its students:

-120′ Sensory Path

-20′ x 10′ Traverse Climbing Wall

-Weekly Religious Instruction – Following the Discovery Time Curriculum

-Registered 2018/2019 OPHEA Healthy School

-Daily Active Start Initiative

-Strong School Community

-Self Regulated Classrooms

-Flexible Seating Options in All Classrooms